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    Seedless Watermelons

    We supply 35-60 count bins in weight sizes from 10-25 lbs. Watermelon is a great tasting and healthy choice, with many benefits including hydration, along with a high concentration of multiple vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Watermelon also contains high levels of lycopene, a specific antioxidant that has been discussed as helping to reduce the risks of cancer.

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    Personal Seedless Watermelons

    This one serving melon weighs 10 -12 lbs. These 60 count melons are designed to be seedless and area a great choice for easy purchase and even easier consumption.


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    Wiggins Watermelons

    Wiggins Farms produces the gold standard of watermelon. Grown in Texas, Wiggins watermelons have the reputation as the finest quality melon available on the market today.

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    Alita Brand from Bagley Produce

    When it comes to round seedless, Alita Brand from Bagley Produce is the only name to carry. These finest quality round seedless originate in both Texas and Mexico.

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    Borders Melons

    Borders Melons super sized seedless are grown in Texas and Mexico and also one of the first in the industry to wash and sanitize their watermelons to reduce the risk of contamination from food borne pathogens.

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    Vincent Farms

    Vincent Farms melons are known as one of the highest quality melons found on the East Coast. These watermelons are grown in Florida and South Carolina, thriving from April through October.

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    Graham Farms

    Graham Farms melons are grown in Florida and are well known in the industry as one of the highest quality melons in the entire state.

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    Little Bear

    Little Bear's "supervised picking policy" ensures that each shipment will consistently contain top-quality seedless watermelons from Texas and Mexico.

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